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North Staffs Heart Committee Donates
High-Tech Equipment for the Hospitals Pioneering Research

This latest donation by North Staffs Heart Committee means that Staffordshire is one of the first areas in the country to have access to a revolutionary method of heart screening which will save many lives each year. It also aids pioneering research into the causes of heart failure by pinpointing the cause in such detail that, for the first time, doctors know exactly which patients will benefit from the fitting of a special pacemaker.

Until now diagnosis - and still in other cities - was far more hit and miss, leading to significant numbers having the advanced pacemaker even though they don't need it.

North Staffs Heart Committee, the leading local heart charity, has provided the new GE Vivid echocardiography system, valued at £350,000, which has been hailed as a major step forward in the provision of high quality cardiac imaging. It helps doctors to make a rapid and accurate assessment of a wide range of cardiac conditions.

Trying out new equipment
Dr Grant Heatlie Consultant Cardiologist tries out the equipment on Anthony Sumara Chief Executive, with them are Tony Berry, Mike Brereton and Prof. John Sanderson.

And the capabilities of the state of the art technology has been a key factor in attracting a grant from a national research foundation for research into heart failure and how it can be prevented.

Basically the equipment provided by the Heart Committee comprises two 'mainframe' Vivid -7 echocardiography machines to be used for both treatment and research purposes.

In addition there is a Vivid -I laptop-style portable machine. This is used by world renowned cardiac specialist Professor John E Sanderson to screen patients on the wards and in their homes as part of his pioneering cardiovascular research into heart failure, a disorder which medical experts still do not fully understand.

Professor Sanderson, who is also a member of the North Staffs Heart Committee, said: "This cutting edge equipment allows us to make much more precise measurements of the function of the heart muscle. "The new technology makes it easier to identify impairments at an early stage so patients can be treated before their condition worsens.
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